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Diving Products

Diving products are items we have found on amazon that have good ratings along with fair pricing. Click and buy - each item offers a percentage back to the club as a fundraiser. Let us know if you want a specific product and we can add!


Swim Parka
Thermal Suit
Chamois Towel
Jolyn Suits!
Burrito Blanket!

Items We Need for Our Facility

<a href="https://www.norberts.net/categories/Deals-&-Demos/Monthly-Deal/?sort=alphaasc&page=1?referrer=11462"><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="gifts-web-banner-2014.jpg" src="https://www.norberts.net/product_images/uploaded_images/gifts-web-banner-2014.jpg" alt="gifts-web-banner-2014.jpg" width="500" height="62"></a>